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Journal of Applied Management and Advanced Research (JAMAR)

Journal of Applied Management and Advanced Research (JAMAR)

Online ISSN : 2582-2306

“Journal of Applied Management & Advanced Research” is an academic double blind peer-reviewed journal that aims to dispense information among the people akin the expertise. This open access journal intends to encourage spread of information to a superlative level, there by increasing its impact and reach of the study globally. This Management journal publishes original & high quality research articles that would contribute to building empirical and theoretical understanding of management aspects in Business related activities. Its focal point is on research and reflections relevant to academicians and practicing managers. The journal intends to provide instant and continuous information on latest trends and developments in the field of business management.

IMPACT FACTOR: IIJIF :0.521 [2019-20], SJIF 2020 = 5.384 


Journal of Applied Management and Advanced Research invites theoretical / conceptual, empirical, original, cross-functional and applied research papers, articles, case studies, technical notes, monographs, book reviews and doctoral dissertations in the following areas but not limited to: 

    Index - International Innovative Journal Impact Factor (IIJIF)

Organizational Innovation Green Technologies Business Continuity
Cross Cultural Management Corporate Sustainability Total Quality Management
Technology Management Change Management Entrepreneurship
Business & Ethics E-commerce Role of SMEs in National Economies
Emerging Role of Women in Business Risk Management Corporate Social Responsibility
Knowledge Life Cycles in Organizations Strategic Management Transformational Leadership
Business Process Reengineering Corporate Governance Accounting & Taxation
Process Innovation Enterprise Resource Planning Benchmarking
Rural Management Crisis Management Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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       In accordance with the international academic and professional standards, Imperial Publications shall not accept the manuscript if it is not an author’s original work (if it has been published earlier under any other publication) or is currently being considered to be published elsewhere. The authors shall keep in mind that their article must not contain any unlawful or abusive statements and that no religious views shall be included or expressed. All the authors must read and agree to the submitted article. Also, articles can be in the form of research papers, conference papers as well as seminar papers.

          During the submission of the article, the author must read and sign the copyright form which entitles Imperial Publications to be the owner of the copyright after the article is published. It also states that the authors complies that it is his/her original article and in case of any breaches shall solely be responsible for any legal actions against him/her. In addition, Imperial Publications has the rights to reject or re-referee the article if it does not meet the criteria outlined or deemed possible unsuitable. Hence, if the author wishes to remove his/her Zsubmitted article before publication, must formally do the same in writing. In case of any breaches in the above conditions might lead to legal actions.



PAGE SIZE: A4 size.

LANGUAGE: English.


Style: Times New Roman

Size: For Heading or title 14 points and Bold (Small Letters, not capitalize the titles unnecessarily, unless required e.g. HPLC, HPCL GOVT. etc.

          Authors/Co-Authors Name: 12 Points and Bold

          Affiliation / Institute Name: 10 points

         For Subtitles: 10 Points and Bold

         Content of Article: 10 point

         Table Title and Content: 8 points

NO. OF PAGES:  The article must be in the range of 6-10 pages.

COLOUR OF THE PAGES: Black and white color shall be maintained. If the author insists on having colored pages, a certain amount will be charged to the concerned author.

TABLES AND FIGURES: Data must be kept to a minimum. Large size tables should be split into two or more tables so that it can be accommodated within the page size. Table width and cell sizing should be even and all the content should be left side aligned. The tables and figures should be numbered consecutively throughout the paper.

ABSTRACT: It should be one paragraph with not more than 400 words. Also, ‘Keywords’ are to be compulsorily mentioned.

DISCUSSION: This part must be written with reference to the tables and figure and by considering information from the literature. Statements made in the Introduction and results section should not be repeated here.

REFERENCES: All the papers (previous articles or conference papers, etc.) that was referred during the preparation of the article must be mentioned at the end of the article along with the names of the authors involved and the year of publication of the same article chronologically in the below given format.

For e.g.: [1] R Genesio and M Milanese, “A Note on the Derivation and Use of Reduced Order Models,” IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Vol. 21, p. 118, 1976.

FORMAT: [1] Title of the article.

                   [2] Name of the author/s along with their details and email id.

                   [3] Abstract followed by keywords.

                   [4] Article (Introduction, Main body and Conclusion)

                   [5] References.

SUBMISSION ORDER: The following order should be strictly followed while submitting article

Front Page (Page-1): Title of the article, Author/s names, Author/s institutional affiliation only and leave other spaces empty.

Second Page (Page-2) Start with abstract of about 200-300 words exactly conveying the content of the article, Keywords (at least 5 words)

Third Page (Page-3 onwards) Main content text with all tables and figures aligned in the proper place (do not send tables and figures separately unless required), List of symbols and Abbreviations, Acknowledgement, References (follow standard format)


              The name of the author/s, editors and peer reviewers will be strictly kept confidential during the paper’s progress to maintain absolute fairness to the author’s manuscript. Further, an auto generated code shall be given to the author/s to track the status of their respective submitted article. Once the article is accepted, the author will receive a confirmation email mentioning about the same or you can get in touch with us Further, the author will receive a copy of the journal in which their article is successfully published. For additional copies requested by the author/s, specific amount will be charged. Our website: